Here are this year’s makers:

I create original artwork inspired by comic related styles and pop art. My current series are that of authors and discontinued bottles. All my work is connected through the use of warm colors and bold outlines.
Category: Arts

Ari Kohorn
I’m an artist, designer, event decorator, cartoonist, and teacher. I like creating good memories and lasting moments of joy through well-crafted, useful objects and images. I take inspiration from biology, astronomy, science fiction, and classical art. Name a medium and an idea and I can make for you.
Category: Arts, Crafts

Barnes & Noble Pop-Up Shop
Barnes & Noble Warwick's pop-up shop at Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire will feature products from leading vendors in technology and education including littleBits, Spin Master, Sphero and more, in addition to Make: Magazine.
Category: Engineering, Arts, Crafts, Science, Young Makers

Bay Computer Associates
The BCA Keystone Series is an inexpensive series of cooperative prototyping tools which enable simple and efficient creation one-of-a-kind systems, for professionals, makers, and students. Traditionally, prototyping electronic systems is complex and expensive. The Keystone Series aims to bridge the gap between engineers and professional-grade equipment by providing affordable devices which test, actuate, and provide necessary data collection, on a modular scale. Additionally, these easy-to-use devices are packaged with corresponding software and examples of use. Help support the engineer, maker, or student in your life, and make their projects more affordable by supporting our on-going Kickstarter campaign.
Category: Engineering

custom art works
Custom art work: mug, pictures and images in tiles, t-shirt, puzzles and more.
Category: Arts, Sublimation System

DSP Guitars
Technology reaches out and touches every part of our culture, including our music... But does that mean you have to make electronic music alone in a studio on a computer with headphones on? No way! Why not play it live together with your friends like guitars always have been played! I design guitars with all the features of the best synthesizers but without the clutter of operating systems, viruses, file formats, etc. I make real instruments out of wood that you can play with your friends. They're ultra touch-sensitive and dynamic as well as customizable to make your own personal electronic sound.
Category: Arts, Music

East Providence Public Library presents the Fuller Creative Learning Center
Visit the new Fuller Creative Learning Center in East Providence, RI, an extension of the East Providence Public Library. Located at 260 Dover Avenue, our makerspace is equipped with a teaching kitchen, recording studio, smart tech classroom, laser projectors, 3D printer, GoPro cameras, and more! Want to see what we're all about? Stop by our booth to make a circuit creature!
Category: Engineering, Arts, Crafts, Homesteading, Science, Young Makers

FabNewport seeks the opportunity to showcase our programs and our work. We will offer some hands of opportunities for visitors.
Category: Young Makers

House Bat Studio
Pins, patches, apparel, and comics with a focus on all things witchy, queer, and fantastic. ( and
Category: Arts

Learn to Solder
Come join AS220 Labs at RI Mini Maker Faire. You can learn to solder with us and make a blinky labs badge!
Category: Engineering, Young Makers

Nancy's Fancies
Handmade bags, wallets, aprons, wine bags, baby bibs and blankets.
Category: Crafts

Ocean State Maker Mill
Ocean State Maker Mill will be featuring a few of their members' projects along with a few of the digital fabrication tools they are so well known for. This year, OSMM will be changing things up a little though, and will be bringing an augmented reality play structure for kids young and old to experience the convergence of the virtual and real worlds.
Category: Engineering, Young Makers

On The Road Effects
On The Road Effects makes hand-crafted, roadworthy analog guitar effects pedals created with the touring and recording musician in mind at every step of design, development and production. On The Road Effects pedals use only the finest components and hardware, so not only do our effects pedals sound great, they are built to last a lifetime. On The Road Effects Pedals are Made in the USA!
Category: Engineering, Arts, Analog Audio Electronics / Music

Print and Book Workshop
Print and Book Workshop is summer course located in Providence, Rhode Island. Through fourteen weeks of demonstrations and projects, students acquire skills as designers, printers and binders. The course includes operating a letterpress, silkscreen printing, file construction using the Adobe Suite, a variety of book structures and foundation in design and typography. This course is at the AS220 Industries, a fully equipped studio located in downtown Providence. While mostly focused on the print facilities at the Printshop, the course will also use the the digital media lab at Media Arts and the digital fabrication tools (laser cutter, vinyl cutter) of the AS220 Labs.
Category: Arts, Crafts

Providence Postcards
Art and accessories made with recycled materials. Also paintings and prints made by RISD Artist Carolina Arentsen
Category: Arts, Crafts

Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art
Spin Art: this 3'x3' exhibit was constructed from a bicycle (which can still be seen underneath). It takes advantage of the physics of rotation – the paint near the center moves very little and that near the edges is pushes away from the center. Different viscosities of paint move at different speeds. Visitors may either squirt paint prior to turning the crank (what used to be the bicycle pedal) to cause the painting platform to spin rapidly, or start the paper spinning and then add paint as it spins. When finished, squeeze the hand-brake to stop the spinning and see what paint and centripetal force has created.
Category: STEAM

RI Brewing Society
Come learn about brewing with the Rhode Island Brewing Society, a group of homebrewers dedicated to education and collaboration. We will display tools of the trade as well as doing living brewing demonstrations through out the day. Come ask us questions about how easy it is to brew your own at home!
Category: Food

Salve Regina University and East Coast Robotics Projects
Several projects from east Coast Robotics, J&W University, and Salve Regina University will be displayed.
Category: Engineering

Tachyon Electrics
Affordable Open-Source Electric Motorcycles
Category: Engineering, Science, Young Makers

the angels' nest
the Angels' nest, is: apothecary (organic and natural products like; salves, soap, oils,and home remedies)/healing (Reiki as a relax therapy moving your energy), and more(crafts, herbal teas,antiques, books,etc)
Category: Arts, Crafts, Homesteading

The Art of RHD-RI
RHD-RI Enhancing Lives Through The Arts
Category: Arts

The Busy Beader
Hand-crafted jewelry of genuine stones and silver.
Category: Crafts

The Secret Case of the Space Station Stowaways
Meet the author of a new science mystery book that tells the story of two kids who travel through time and space on a Galactic Academy of Science secret mission! Readers will discover interesting information about asteroids, Sir Isaac Newton, real-life astronauts, space travel, and the International Space Station. Learn more about asteroids and space travel with several hands-on activities such as “Down to the Core” where you get to design and build a device to take core samples from chunks of our “asteroid samples,” create a spacecraft, fabricate your own straw rocket and learn how to build an "asteroid field."
Category: Science, Book publishing

The WorcShop
The WorcShop is an 18,000 sq ft collaborative, community oriented, multipurpose Arts & Industrial space in Worcester, MA. We strive to make art accessible, innovation affordable, and creativity commonplace; providing a wide range of tools and equipment from welding, to blacksmithing, to large scale machining (both CNC & manual), as well as 3d printing, audio recording, fire art & more.
Category: Engineering, Arts, Crafts, Industrial

RI's Non-profit Manufacturing Incubator - Caution! Your Business May Start Without Warning!
Category: Advanced Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping

Tri-Tech Pathways Inc.
K-12 STEM Education, Make: FPGA Book, and mBot robots
Category: STEM Education

Unkn Studios
Young motivated Providence native screen printers with a desire to spread their prints across the world.
Category: Arts

Vintage Robot
Vintage Robot designs and hand makes American made Robot apparel and accessories crafted from recycled materials.
Category: Arts, Crafts

Your Heaven LLC
Arvid Tomayko-Peters and Steve Schwartz design and build hardware and software for use by musicians, sound engineers, and recording engineers. Some is designed for creating new sounds and music, and some for capturing sounds and music. We are also starting to apply our technology to help people with hearing problems. "Your Heaven ®" is our company, located in Providence and at YourHeaven.Net
Category: Engineering, Arts

Zoa Chimerum Jewelry
I make Jewelry from materials normally used in electrical work, specifically heat-shrink tubing and aluminum grounding wire. I use simple processes to produce surprisingly delicate shapes based on insect carapaces, flower petals, bird's wings, and other Fibbonacci-esque patterns.
Category: Arts, Crafts

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