The Call for Makers for the 2015 Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire East Bay Edition is now open through October 2nd.  It’s easy to register for a table online. Do it today.

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2015 Roster of Makers, Performers, Presenters, Crafters and Vendors:

All Saints STEAM Academy Prepares for Int'l Space Station Chat
All Saints STEAM Academy in Middletown is one of 6 U.S. schools invited to talk live with the International Space Station (ISS) during the first half of 2016. The school currently has under development an FCC licensed amateur ("ham") radio station, call sign N1ASA, that will be used to talk directly with the FCC licensed radio station, call sign NA1SS, aboard the ISS. Several students earned their FCC ham license in 2015. Students will be speaking with American astronaut Tim Kopra or U.K. astronaut Tim Peake, about their life and research 250 miles above the Earth.
Category: Engineering

AS220 Industries
AS220 Industries is a collection of community workspaces and resources that offers affordable, project-based, experiential learning in digital fabrication, printmaking and media arts. By providing access to studio space, tools of the trade, and varied training opportunities, AS220 Industries fosters a diverse and dynamic environment for learning and making. With our democratic and hands-on approach, students are encouraged to engage in peer-to-peer learning and teaching as they explore, create, and innovate.
Category: Arts

BCA Keystone Series
The BCA Keystone Series is a new line of inexpensive USB devices you can connect to a hub to complete a system, without having to buy specialty electronics. These devices also come equipped with simple control software which can be used right out-of-the-box, or be modified to suit the user’s needs. During our 25 years of creating specialized electronics for our clients, we realized that each project required similar basic needs. We wanted to streamline testing by creating unique USB add-on devices for use on any project. After using a successful prototype, it occurred to us that the professional and maker communities could benefit from these devices. With an idea and lots of hard work, we now have the beginnings of the BCA Keystone Series, which we hope to continue. We are currently funding the BCA Keystone Series through Kickstarter. The Keystone Relay and 10IN have proven very useful to us, and now we want to bring these tools to you; the makers, engineers and anyone with a passion for electronics.
Category: Engineering

Chasing the dream of holograms
Ladies and Gentlemen, come cast your eyes on the astonishing L3D cubes, thousands of points of light beaming an hors-d'oeuvre of the volumetric future into your retinas and your hearts. A feast for the eyes, a banquet for the mind and a fiesta for the soul, designed in Providence and Hong Kong, the L3D cube is the first easily assemblable kit for a volumetric display in the world, all designed for YOU to be able to explore and create your own vision of the 3D future.
Category: Engineering

Curl'y's Mo Jo , Amazing stuff made with Curly's' original deigns.
Category: Arts

Destination Imagination Rhode Island
Destination Imagination Rhode Island is an affiliate of the Destination Imagination International, Inc. Challenge program for students. We teach the creative process from imagination to innovation through team-based hands on problem solving activities. Teams of up to 7 students prepare an innovative solution to the Challenge of their choice and the solutions are presented at tournaments and showcases at the end of the program season. Each Challenge incorporates Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology and the Arts while reinforcing participants’ skills in teamwork, collaboration and self-confidence.
Category: Education/All of the above

East Coast Robotics
East Coast Robotics will showcase recent projects in Robotics, Solar energy, and Technology.
Category: Robotics

How to get your ideas licensed.
Everyone has great ideas, but your never quite sure how to bring them to market. Andy Geremia describe how his simple game idea was licensed by a toy company. His 'Maze Racers' game is now on sale all over the world. He will also discuss how you can pursue a license agreement for your idea with any manufacturer.
Category: Licensing your ideas

Infinity Qube
Infinity Qube wants to remake the traditional gaming experience. By integrating an open-source, reprogrammable die with a sharp, lit display that can show you anything from symbols to text to numbers, Infinity Qube can give your traditional board or table-top game a modern edge. Infinity Cube seeks to become the go-to chance interface for your game of choice, whether it’s Sorry!, Dungeons & Dragons, or even a game native to the platform. But we’re not just playing around. Our platform revamps Backgammon, sure, but it can do more than just flash your next move. We’re building a platform that can be plugged into and coded to do everything from flashing the weather in six cities to running the latest educational software. The Qube’s open source nature, six-sided display, and the Bluetooth connectivity make the possibilities infinite.
Category: Engineering

Kite Design
Build a kite for flying outdoors.
Category: Crafts

Maze Racers
Everyone loves mazes, and now you get to race them! With ‘Maze Racers’ you get to build a challenging marble maze for your opponent (as they are building a tricky one for you!) using magnetic maze walls. When both players are done, swap maze boards, drop in the little ball and race to complete the maze! Maze Racers started out as cereal box maze game and went on to take top honors in the crowd funded "Games that Make Kids Smarter" challenge. The game is now available online and toy stores around the world.
Category: Engineering, Young Makers

Met School Student Work
The Met School is a Career and Technical High School in Newport RI (right next door) where students are encouraged to pursue their passions through research and deep learning. We have representatives present to answer any questions you might have about the school, as well as student work for exhibit and sale.
Category: Young Makers, Education

MindDraw enables people to create beautiful real-time brain based images. By accessing their mental states of relaxation, meditation, focus or just by thinking, the participants drive the shape and speed of the imagery.
Category: Arts

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport Educational Outreach
Navy Educational Outreach programs and technology highlights
Category: Engineering, Science

Newport Art House & Tracy Jonsson Designs
Newport Art House is a non-profit organization with the mission to nurture, showcase, and promote the contemporary arts of Newport county RI. We are a voice for the arts in Newport interested in increasing access to making, economic sustainability, and professional development for area artists. One artist featured today is Tracy Jonsson Designs, of Newport.
Category: Arts, Crafts, Young Makers

Rhode Island Students of the Future
Rhode Island Students of the Future spreads enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and math through youth robotics. We run the FIRST LEGO League program, the Rhode Island Robot Block Party and provide professional development courses for teachers, mentors and informal educators.
Category: Engineering, Young Makers

RHS Fab Lab
At our school we host a monthly meeting for Makers to come together and simply Make! We use a variety of materials ranging from cardboard to dc motors. We encourage the community of makers here to investigate and use their creativity to come up with a number of different projects.
Category: Engineering, Arts, Science, Young Makers

Roger Williams University STEAM oriented Education Department Tinkering
Tinkering projects by Roger Williams University education Majors and student teachers involved in STEAM.
Category: STEAM

Rogers High School JROTC Radio Club
Setting up a portable/mobile amateur radio station in a milk crate for breadboarding design.
Category: Engineering, Science

Salve Regina University Learening Unlimited STEAM oriented projects for persons with dissabilities
Technology projects that fall within the scope of the STEAM initiative that are suitable for use with and for members of Salve Regina University's Learning Unlimited program will be showcased.
Category: STEAM

Salve Regina University UNV101 Passion Seminar Robotics class projects
Salve Regina University hosts 30 different sections of freshman "Passion" seminars each fall. UNV101-12 is one dedicated to Robotics and Technology. The class will demonstrate a series of class projects and works in progress involving STEAM.
Category: Robotics and STEAM

SoCo Coding FOundry
The SoCo Coding Foundry was created to connect People to Business with the "right" skills. We offer affordable, supplemental, business-driven courses in Web Development and Programming. We focus on 3 core values: SUCCESS: Set clear expectations and understand any blocks to success for our students. TEAMWORK: The "real" world requires working on a team. Our courses are hands-on project-driven. WORKFLOW: Whether web development or programming, there is a right way to deliver products to clients or users. You will learn it from industry professionals. Learn more at
Category: Education

The Tooba
The Tooba is an electronic musical instrument with a touch-sensitive keyboard. Sound generation follows the principles of the modular music synthesizers of the 1970s, but runs in software instead of analog electronics.
Category: Engineering, Arts

Tracimoc, It's Comic Art Backwards
TRACIMOC takes homeless comic books and transforms them into a unique useable and wearable art. All the art is created from the original comic print, which allows each piece to be completely unique. Tracimoc supports the recycling of these previously "worthless" comics and strives to use green materials to transform them into something new. Pieces include wallets, wall letters, canvas collage, rings, necklaces, clothing, earrings, pins, bracelets, cufflinks, photo frames, and more! Tracimoc wll provide a DIY station for Pin/Key Chain/Zipper Pull Making.
Category: Crafts