The Call for Makers for the 2014 Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire is now closed. We will try to fit in late applicants if possible.

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2014 Roster of Makers, Performers, Presenters, Crafters and Vendors:

Aim! Squeeze! Design! DohVinci lets you create designs that pop off the page. Make your own mini creations that you can take home with you and help Hasbro in creating a unique Mini Maker Faire poster.
Maker: Hasbro

Hasbro Kre-O
Construction toys have been inspiring young and young-at-heart makers for decades. KRE-O, Hasbro's leading construction toy, would like to invite everyone ages six and up to come build with us! We'll have building competitions throughout the day and prize giveaways at the top of every hour. We will also have lots of bricks for free build time – bring your imagination! Visit us at 5:30 and cap your day at the faire by filling up a bag of bricks to bring home for FREE. Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.
Maker: Hasbro

Learn to Solder and Vacuform
Come join AS220 Labs at RI Mini Maker Faire. You can learn to solder with us, and also make a vacuformed mask!
Maker: AS220 Labs

Super Awesome Me
With our platform fans personalize a toy, transform into an animated character or become their favorite hero. Our 3D Experience lets fans become the story! Step into our 3D experience and let our high-resolution 3D face scanner capture and create a 3D model in seconds. Select your hero, see yourself as that hero and order your personalized 3D action figure.
Maker: Hasbro

Under the Skin of Robotics and Animatronics
Animatronic products with the skin/plush removed to reveal the sensors, motors, gears, internal mechanism controlling interactive features and animations. Quadracoptor demonstration with chance to pilot your own in a competition around course/target. Prize for fastest time Quadracoptor ($40 value)
Maker: Richard Maddocks

3DPPVD: 3D Printing Showcase
The 3DPPVD team would like to share some of their printers, projects, experiments, and experience with everyone.
Maker: 3D Printing Providence

Air Tube
Air Tube allows visitors to experiment with the movement of items in turbulent air. A vertical air stream is generated by a large –carefully screened in- fan at the base of the exhibit, and directed upwards through a large, clear plastic tube. A variety of objects may be fed in through a space at the bottom and watched as they spin, float, sink or fly in the wind. Foam pieces, paper cups, ribbons provided can be altered by visitors to experiment with different shapes, weights or sizes.
Maker: Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art (RIMOSA)

Ansteron Board
I develop Ansteron Board, a visually programmed microcontroller board which can be use in Makers' projects. I will be bringing 4 small projects to the faire to show a bit of what makers can do with Ansteron Board. There is a small self balancing robot, a robot arm built with RC servos to play memory game, and a digital clock built with LED ring.
Maker: Tim Nguyen

Artist's Book and Prints
I will be showing prints and books that I have made.
Maker: Lara A Henderson

Artist Aymar Ccopacatty began artistic explorations into the uses of recycled materials while studying Sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design, later settling on colorful plastic bags from his birthplace in Peru as prime creative material. Aymar makes colorful “Plasti-Collage” images and plastic textiles that reflect the daily consumption of modern life in a different way.
Maker: Aymar Ccopacatty

Bass Sticks
Bass Sticks are cigar box guitars - melodic musical instruments - that use digital synthesizers instead of strings!
Maker: Noah Vawter

Bones Couture
I design clothing, jewelry, and accessories that are unique, colorful, and handmade.
Maker: Kayla Lonardo

Cardboard table
Build your own workable cardboard table for almost free. I believe people should be able to create usable things out of trash.
Maker: Martin Lynn

Carey Good Prints
Printmaking artist and instructor working at AS220 to spread a passion for all printmaking processes. My etchings show expressive freedom through mastery of a craft while my screen prints and sketchbooks show how handmade crafts provide a way to recycle scrap materials.
Maker: Carey Good

Circuit Scribe
The Circuit Scribe rollerball pen has conductive silver ink, enabling users to draw functional circuits the same way they would doodle in a sketchbook. Hopefully the Circuit Scribe pen and module kits will allow users to start learning about circuits and inspire creativity among students, makers, artists, designers, and engineers.
Maker: Michael Bell

CreatorX Mods at the Brandeis Maker Lab
Brandeis Maker Lab standardized our printer support around modified Flashforge CreatorX printers. Now that CreatorX is distributed by major suppliers at modest prices, we see it, with mods like ours, as the greatest value in 3D printing today. We'll demonstrate and share our modifications.
Maker: Ian Roy

Decisions Decisions
A machine to flip "coins" (the size of manhole covers), built for the TV series "Going Deep with David Rees".
Maker: Jeff Del Papa

Destination Imagination Rhode Island
A non-profit educational organization, Destination Imagination encourages teams of learners (Pk through University) to have fun, take risks, and focus and frame challenges. Incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the arts, and service learning, our programs are challenge-based. They teach the creative process from imagination to innovation. Our goal is to help student teams learn to be creative in every aspect of their lives.Teams showcase their solutions at a tournament in March.
Maker: Katie Jones

FIRST LEGO League demonstration
RISF/FLLRI will demonstrate the FIRST LEGO League robotics program. We'll have LEGO NXT and EV3 robots programmed to complete tasks on a game table built of LEGO elements. We'll have information on how 6-18 year olds can get involved in Junior FIRST LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge. FLL demos by the Bishop Bots of Nathan Bishop Middle School, Narragansett Pier Middle School Robotics, and Martin Middle School Robotics.
Maker: Rhode Island Students of the Future/FIRST LEGO League RI

FabNewport would like to showcase several of its projects: Fishbike, Row Boats, laser cut items, and 3D printed stuff. A table would be nice and some space for the bike and boat.
Maker: FabNewport

Formula Style Race Car
The Brown Formula SAE team builds a race car every year for an intercollegiate competition in Michigan. Dictated by rules, our car is open-wheeled, with a 599cc engine, 62in wheelbase, and 20mm intake restrictor. We achieve 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 115 MPH.
Maker: Brown Formula SAE

Geodesic dome
Signs, fixtures, and components for Spa and geodesic domes.
Maker: Sunrise Domes

Giant Simon Swipe
Come to RI Mini Maker Faire to play the Giant Simon Swipe! It's a modern twist on the popular Simon game, the classic fast-action game where you need to remember and repeat the patterns. Simon Swipe has the iconic colors, lights, and sounds of the classic Simon game in which you respond to the ever-increasing pattern of the light and sound combinations, but touch screen technology adds an extra challenge. Swipe the Lights: Swipe the lights to conquer the colors! To master this challenging game, you need to tap, swipe, and reverse your way to victory as you try to repeat the pattern of lights and sounds. When you hear the music and see the lights flash, you've leveled up and a new pattern will start. If you make a mistake, the buzzer will signal the end of the game and the unit will let you know your score. Hasbro Gaming, Simon, and Simon Swipe are trademarks of Hasbro.
Maker: Hasbro Gaming

Hammer Time
I'd like to share some laser-cut and laser-etched things. Like this laser-cut laptop stands made from a pizza box: Also some stencil designs and some hammers with messages etched on them, things like "smash patriarchy" and "hammer time".
Maker: Drew Wilson

Hexcopter and Other Projects
Some projects we are planning on displaying: Third generation Hexacopter, Custom CNC Stepper motor driver board, Mini Laser engraver, Vacuum cleaning robot, Handheld Arduino compatible multi-accessory device and a heavily modded Makerbot Cupcake printer.
Maker: CT Hacker Space

Homebrew resin-based 3d printer
This is a 3d printer that a not-too-skilled craftsperson can build for just a few hundred dollars. Not a lot of parts, but like any good steampunk-influenced design it has things like sprockets and bicycle chain, plus threaded rods and other fun hardware store stuff.
Maker: Will Ware

Homebrewing Exhibition
Continuing the tradition of Roger Williams and Sgt. Bawlston, come watch members of the Rhode Island Brewing society brew beer right on the streets of Providence! We'd also be happy to answer any questions you have about brewing, drinking, designing beers.
Maker: Rhode Island Brewing Society

Looking Glass
We’re the volumetric imaging company
Maker: Alex Hornstein

material re-interpretation
Investigating material objects with intrinsic value that has here-to-fore been overlooked or misunderstood, and re-evaluating the potential of that material.
Maker: Teale Haley

Modio is an app that allows users to create their own customized creatures and characters and easily print them on a desktop 3d printer.
Maker: Wayne Losey

Music Technologies
Arvid Tomayko-Peters ( and Steve Schwartz design and build hardware and software for use by musicians, sound engineers, and recording engineers. Some is designed for creating new sounds and music, and some for capturing sounds and music. "Your Heaven ®" is our company, located in Providence.
Maker: Arvid Tomayko-Peters and Steve Schwartz

Night of the Living Dead Custom Pinball
"Pinventions" is the brainchild of RI-based engineer and artist David Gaskill. The concept of this fledgling hobby-business is to reinvent 60s and 70s era mechanical-electrical pinball machines into totally new designs, piggybacking the original old technology with newer bells and whistles. Past creations include "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out"--an homage to the forming of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band in the early 70's. The most recent creation, however, takes this art form to new levels. The "Night of the Living Dead" machine must be seen and heard to be believed. Some of the cool features that are built into the reinvention include a self- contained fog system that fills the cemetery scene in the back glass with an eerie mist. Lighting effects add to the mood. There is also an old style console radio feature (a character in and of itself in the movie) in the center of the play field- equipped with a few surprises- such as an "infinity mirror" portal-like feature, where several key characters make an appearance.
Maker: David Gaskill

Oreo Cameo 3D Prints
I'm a traditional sculptor working in non-traditional materials and I'm exploring new ways to create salable reproductions of my work. I'm using professional 3-D scanning and printing technologies to create my prints. Print-on-demand and mobile point-of-sale allows me to have limited physical inventory and sell digital inventory in the physical world.
Maker: Judith Klausner

Origami Mural
This community involvement mural teaches origami to participants as the folded objects become part of the mural.
Maker: Sok Song

Out of the Motor and into a Light
Decorative lamps made from electric motor innards and epoxy composites, along with other composite projects.
Maker: Ted McAuliffe

Paula Tamara Hoss
Paula Tamara Hoss is a modern/graffiti/pop artist from Massachusetts. Follow her at: / IG: @paulatamarahoss Paula is generally psyched that people like her art as much as the enjoys creating it. She takes her inspiration from cultural art (notably Eastern European and Mexican), faith and religion, music and nature. Paula lives on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, daughter and pup. She is available for custom pieces and hop scotch dates.
Maker: Paula Tamara Hoss

PlyFly Roadster
The PlyFly Roadster is a wood go kart kit designed to be assembled and enjoyed by young and old alike. The kit starts out as a box of parts and a few sheets of CNC-cut premium plywood that can be assembled with common tools into a running go kart in less than a day. The roadster features an adjustable seat, rack and pinion (wood!) steering, disc brake and a small gas engine.
Maker: Tim Moulton

Robotic Vertical Hydroponic Farm
A Raspberry Pi and Arduino controlled vertical hydroponic farm.
Maker: Paul Langdon and Curt Downing

Shark Garden
Shark Garden is two person a wearable fabric sculpture performed by Two Mako Sharks. 8 tentacles that plug into each other constitute an audio patching system that controls sound for the performance.
Maker: Arvid Tomayko-Peters and Hannah Thompson

Sketch books and Prints
Hand printed sketch books, Letterpress printed prints.
Maker: Jacque

The Linkmount System Product Development
We are a startup industrial design firm based in Providence, RI. We believe tangible making during the concept development process is key to making beautiful and functional products
Maker: Lukas Scheurer

The Ocean State
The Ocean State is an Arts/Crafts project I have been working on at AS220. The state and its major towns are depicted in a fun, but not necessarily accurate, map.
Maker: Mikey Hougland

TINKER | Bristol
We are launching a new Manufacturing Incubator & Makerspace in Bristol, RI. We've started our awareness and early member campaign and are looking for people to help with the final setup, space planning, and programming direction. We are looking for a Spring '15 opening.
Maker: Todd Thomas

Tissue Paper & Gift Box Nightlights; Creepy, Glowing Barbie; Recycled Jewelry from Take-Out Containers; Easiest Ever Solar Nightlight
With the common theme of "things that light up", three of my projects explore creative ways to display and work with LEDs, as well as basic circuit construction. My 4th project focuses on transforming recycled materials in a way that is fun for any age.
Maker: Sumo Peanut

Tri-Tech Pathways Inc
Tri-TechPW will showcase their CloverLeaf Computer Architecture Learning System, featuring the Intel Galileo and Xilinx CPLD technology. CoverLeaf is an innovative and revolutionary teaching platform for students to learn the fundamentals of today’s cutting edge computer architectures.
Maker: David Romano

Video Balloon Launch
Kite and Rocket Research will be attaching a smart phone to bundle of helium balloons. The phone will be streaming live video in real time to the following public website. Anyone with an internet connection can visit the site and watch the flight in real-time from the perspective of the balloon. The launch will provide spectacular views of the city and an exciting finish to the flight.
Maker: Kite and Rocket Research

Wunderwerx Steampunk Armoury
A professional sculptor for 30 years, I create props and setd for the theater, film and haunted attraction industries. For the last 4 yrs I have been creating steampunk weaponry and gadgets, currently for a steampunk webseries called "Dystopia: Capitol City" I'll display steampunk items that are hand crafted from scratch with some found objects.
Maker: Angus McPherson