The Call for Makers for the 2015 Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire is now open.

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2015 Roster of Makers, Performers, Presenters, Crafters and Vendors:

"Dizzy" the Racing Sculpture
Dizzy was inspired by a paper automaton kit that featured a bird perpetually orbiting a cat's tail, with the cats head spinning to try and track it. You can't imagine a cat not taking a swat at a bird in that position, so Dizzy features a waving arm like you find on the "Maneki" greeting cat.
Category: Engineering

3D Hubs
We'd like to secure a booth for our community of makers to run. They would have 3D printers on the stand and host a meetup at the stand for attendees to find out more about 3D printing.
Category: Engineering

3D Printing PVD
The 3DPPVD team would like to share some of their printers, projects, experiments, and experience with everyone.
Category: Engineering, Arts, Crafts, Science

i create original art on canvas and other media. My art reflects Italian comics and pop art.
Category: Arts

Aymart Recycled Plastic
Aymar Ccopacatty is an intercultural artist of Aymara and U.S. heritage, who learned the traditional textile art of the Aymara from his grandmother on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Puno – Peru. Aymar applies various techniques to his work, from Textile to Plasti-Collage and others. These days, plastic bags provide the prime materials for his work, he transforms this and other plastics from the daily life of the artist, friends and family, or from our mother earth; creating works of art that inspire and give reflection and hope to change the current system of contamination; meanwhile the colors serve to brighten the experience of living. Ccopacatty currently participates in expositions in Peru and Internationally.
Category: Arts, Crafts

East Coast Robotics
East Coast Robotics has been a major player in the world of combat robotics by providing support to annual robotics tournaments such as RoboGames in CA. We will be demonstrating our most recent robotics projects.
Category: Robotics

Giant Simon Swipe
Come and play the giant version of 2014’s Toy of the Year: SIMON SWIPE. Simon Swipe is a modern twist on the popular Simon game, the classic fast-action game where you need to remember and repeat the patterns. The Simon Swipe game has the iconic colors, lights, and sounds of the classic Simon game in which you respond to the ever-increasing pattern of the light and sound combinations, but now touch screen technology adds an extra challenge to the game.
Category: Young Makers

Hasbro Kre-O
Construction toys have been inspiring young and young-at-heart makers for decades. KRE-O, Hasbro's leading construction toy, would like to invite everyone ages six and up to come build with us! We will have lots of bricks for free build time – bring your imagination! We will also have a KRE-O Kreatives section for fun non-traditional building and crafting. Visit us after 6PM and cap your day at the faire by filling up a bag of bricks to bring home for FREE (until supplies run out). Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.
Category: Young Makers

I See The Signs
Custom reverse painted glass and vinyl art. Edge lit glass signs and custom decals.
Category: Arts

IGDA Rhode Island
We are the Rhode Island chapter of the International Game Developers Association. We meet every month at Aurora Providence, conducting panels with experts (SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Creators of God of War, Rock Band, Madden, Magic the Gathering, SimCity, and more), sharing first hand accounts from the industry's biggest events (E3, GDC, San Diego Comic-Con, PAX, and coverage and exclusives from many more), playing and making games, and celebrating our passion for game development. We are an incredible resource for the Rhode Island community and we'd love to see you at our next event!
Category: Engineering, Arts, Science, Young Makers

L3D cube
The L3D cube is an 8x8x8 volumetric display that can show 3D animations, drawings and interactive games in dazzling color. All hardware and software for the cube is 100% open-source, and users have created hundreds of volumetric animations and games on our code-sharing site,
Category: Engineering

Learn to Solder
Come join AS220 Labs at RI Mini Maker Faire. You can learn to solder with us and make a blinky labs badge!
Category: Engineering, Young Makers

Come and say hi to the local Make: Providence team. The Providence satellite office is where Make:'s book publishing program is run from. Check out samples of upcoming books and some of those books' projects: from simple handmade contraptions on up to robotic 3d-printed creations!
Category: Engineering, Crafts, Young Makers

Nancy's Fancies
Found fabric scraps are converted into fashionable statements and accessories.
Category: Crafts

Nick Iacobbo
3d printed exo skeleton glove, 3d printed nerf guns, 3d printed weapon props, 3d printed toys, 3d printed glass electroform lighting, all designed by
Category: Engineering, Arts, Science, Toys

NIT Maker
Leveraging programmable microcomputer-chips in applications that will promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) thinking
Category: Engineering

In-crane in the membrane
Category: Arts, Crafts

Paint Drip Tool for the Visually Impaired
Art is a way for people to show an emotion or a different way of looking at things. It’s difficult for people who are blind to create art because they can’t see a picture of what they’re trying to draw or paint and it’s difficult for them to use a paint brush without getting messy. Art teachers and others who want to be more inclusive of the visually impaired community need to come up with an adaptive way for a blind person to paint. I designed and created a unique tool so a blind person can make an abstract art painting without having to use a paint brush.
Category: Engineering, Arts, Young Makers

Radia Herbs
Radia Herbs is a Providence based herbal company. Most herbs are grown and wildcrafted locally and pesticide free. We help you understand and support your own health through the play with plants.
Category: Homesteading

Rhode Island Students of the Future
Play with LEGO elements with Rhode Island Students of the Future and FIRST LEGO League RI. In addition to a building space, we'll have demonstrations of the LEGO EV3 and NXT robot systems and information on starting Jr. FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League teams.
Category: Engineering, Young Makers

RI Brewing Society
The Rhode Island Brewing Society is dedicated to promoting, education and appreciation of the homebrewing of beers, wines, meads to the general public. This exhibit will feature a live brewing demonstration as well as a display of some of the equipment involved. We would be happy to talk beer and answer any questions from our visitors. Sorry, but we are not allowed to serve samples to the general public.
Category: Food Hacking

Salvi's Handpainted Signs
I make and design handpainted signs for all walks of life.
Category: Arts

STEAM Box VR Makey
We're working with Virtual Reality, and the MIT Makey kit. How do we apply this technology on it's own? What happens if we combine the two?
Category: Engineering, Arts, Crafts, Science, Young Makers

The Human Will
I create wearable art - denim and leather jackets/vest are my medium. All hand done and I will be painting on site.
Category: Arts

The Nation of Makers #MakerMap
A real-time map showing makers and makerspaces. To participate, just tweet something with the hashtag #makermap + your zip code in a hashtag, such as #02903. Come and meet the folks from Code Island and who are collaborating on this project.
Category: Engineering

The Tooba
The Tooba is an electronic musical instrument built into a piece of PVC tubing (hence the name). It borrows principles from the Moog-style analog music synthesizers of past decades.
Category: Engineering

Tinker|Bristol is RI's newest (and not quite yet finished) Makerspace - AND a Nonprofit Manufacturing Business Incubator. Located in the heart of Bristol, RI at the historic Bristol Industrial Park and in the center of Marine Industry and Advanced Composites R&D and Production we are definitely worth checking out!
Category: Engineering, Arts, Advanced Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping

Tracimoc, It's Comic Art Backwards!
TRACIMOC takes homeless comic books and transforms them into a unique useable and wearable art. All the art is created from the original comic print, which allows each piece to be completely unique. Tracimoc supports the recycling of these previously “worthless” comics and strives to use green materials to transform them into something new. Pieces include wallets, wall letters, canvas collage, rings, necklaces, clothing, earrings, pins, bracelets, cufflinks, photo frames, purses, musical instruments and more! Tracimoc will provide a DIY station for Pin/Key Chain/Zipper Pull Making.
Category: Arts, Crafts

Universal Laser Systems
Universal Laser Systems - Industry leader in laser etching and cutting since 1989. Used in most fabrication lab and maker space applications from commercial to higher level education. Cut and etch plastics, woods, card boards, paper, fabric, and a wide variety of other materials for your specific make or fabrication.
Category: Engineering, Arts, Science, Young Makers

Vintage Robot
Vintage Robot hand makes recycled Robots and pendants from old computers, watches, cell phones, and stamps, and maps.
Category: Arts, Crafts

wood pusher
we can introduce people to our DIY processes in making custom skate boards & vinyl shirts,
Category: Arts

Your Heaven LLC
Arvid Tomayko-Peters ( and Steve Schwartz design and build hardware and software for use by musicians, sound engineers, and recording engineers. Some is designed for creating new sounds and music, and some for capturing sounds and music. "Your Heaven ®" is our company, located in Providence and at
Category: Engineering, Arts