You can purchase tickets in advance at EventBrite, or buy them at any of the ticket booths we’ll have at the Faire.

We’ll be up and running, rain or shine. The Faire is spread out over a few spots:

  • One Hasbro Place, Providence RI: Come check out everything from Hasbro’s Doh-Vinci to their Kre-O construction set toys, and get a look at what Hasbro animatronics look like under the skin.
  • Adrian Hall Way: We’ll be closing down this street to showcase dozens of local makers. Check out Jeff Del Papa’s manhole cover-sized coin flipper, music, beer brewing, crafts, and other creations.
  • AS220, 115 Empire St: We’ll be taking over AS220’s performance space with AS220 Labs’ learn to solder workshops, pinball machines, LED cubes, and microcontrollers.
  • AS220’s 95 Empire space will have lots of electronics, robots, and 3d printers.


Visit Park Downtown Providence for information on parking.

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