The Call for Makers for the 2013 Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire is open: apply here.

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2013 Roster of Makers, Performers, Presenters, Crafters and Vendors

3D & Digital Badges for RI Mini Maker Faire
For many people, Maker Faire is a time to explore, learn and teach other people how to make amazing things. Get recognized for your participation in the 2013 RI Mini Maker Faire with a 3D printed badge and a digital badge made by
Maker: Damian Ewens

3D Print Mars Settlement
Use a 3D printer to build a Mars settlement? The Mars Foundation and Aleph Objects, are using a LulzBot 3D printer at a prototype Mars base in Hawaii. This is a major breakthrough enabling the first practical space settlement, since the polymer raw materials can be made from the Martian air and water. Maker Spaces and individuals are welcome to get involved, you don't need a 3D printer.
Maker: Bruce Mackenzie

3D Printing Showcase
3DP PVD is a monthly meetup for those interested in 3D printing in Rhode Island. We have come to Maker Faire to show a little of what we have talked about and worked on in the past year.
Maker: 3DP PVD

3D Printing, Robotics, & Computer Vision with MATLAB & Simulink
Blur the boundary of Art & Science with MATLAB & Simulink—learn to make: • Data-driven and mathematically manipulated 3D prints using MATLAB; • Autonomous robots with the high-level visual language in Simulink deployed onto Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards; • Computer vision systems in Simulink and tap into the Microsoft Kinect to make your own gestural exhibits and games.
Maker: Paul Kassebaum

a DifferentKind of Fine
My current series ranges from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All made from found and laser cut materials; mostly vintage and industrial findings. This "Hip and Knot" series represents pop-culture and in a fun, chic, and meaningful way by mixing media and referencing the past. Festivals, cyclists, and a taste of Art Nouveau are all reminiscent in this line!
Maker: Ashley Ernest

Alternative Safety
We want to make safety gear for bikers to get them noticed on the road including monster bike helmets, handmade safety vests, and neon color hand printed t shirts.
Maker: Cara Adams and Chris Hampson

AS220 Labs
Members of the Labs will be presenting projects, and we will be hosting a soldering workshop station where people can come learn how to solder.
Maker: AS220 Labs

Blast from the Past : T-Rex and Friends
Using classic wooden dinosaur models as a starting point, a dedicated team of AS220 FabLab members created a collection of giant size foam and particle board dinosaurs. The biggest of the bunch (as is befitting his status) is a T-Rex that stands 10 feet tall!
Maker: Andrew Lloyd Goodman

Brooklyn Aerodrome Flack (Flying Hack)
We will display our DIY RC airplanes, gliders and other fun flying stuff. You can try a simulator, check out our book and learn how to make trash fly.
Maker: Breck Baldwin

Cape Cod Makers
Cape Cod Makers is developing the maker community on Cape Cod. We are building interest through public meetings, and hands-on maker workshops, while we seek our first makerspace.
Maker: Cape Cod Makers

Close Quarters
Close Quarters is an open Hacker/Maker space in Pawtucket, RI founded in 2010 as a way to pool resources and provide an alternate location to work on projects that may one day take over the world. We strive to provide an open environment to foster ideas and creativity.
Maker: Wayne Losey

Home-built robot made from a chair base, roller-blade wheels, PVC, old RC equipment and Beagle Board. Robot zooms by remote control, and soon by computer control/autonomous. Computer control includes ability to talk. Special Feature: 6 year old son (now 7) has been instrumental in design and building of robot. Has been a great (ongoing) Father/son project.
Maker: Christopher Fowler

Flowerclouds are lasercut textile accessories and kits that encourage DIY!
Maker: Jenine Bressner

Free Geek Providence
We're a tech nonprofit based in Providence. We will bring in a disassembled PC to show the interior of a computer, a laptop running Linux that has a Nintendo emulator featuring Super Mario Brothers 3 with a controller (to demonstrate what you can do with open source) as well as free items (magnets, keychains) for promoting FGPVD.
Maker: Sara Streeter

IYRS Composite Technology- Open and Closed Molding Demonstration
We will be building a pair of carbonfiber/epoxy bowls. One bowl will be fabricated using a simple open mold hand layup method. The second bowl will be laminated using a closed mold vacuum assisted process commonly refered to as resin infusion. The bowls will have identical carbon fiber laminate stacks, but slightly different epoxy resin systems to accommidate the different processes. The final "fit and finish" of the bowls will reflect the nature of the contrasting processes.
Maker: IYRS - International Yacht Restoration School

IYRS Marine Systems - Boat on a Board
This "Boat on a Board" is a teaching simulator that demonstrates the basic systems that are common on a modern yacht to keep it safe and comfortable.
Maker: IYRS - International Yacht Restoration School

Live Homebrewing Demonstrations
Homebrewing is legal in all 50 states. Come learn how to brew beer. Ask us all the questions you've ever had about beer and brewing. We love to talk beer!
Maker: Rhode Island Brewing Society

Love and Lasers by Joelle Felyce Geisler
Laser cut whimsy including indecision dice, tic tac toe boards, rare bears, and more! All based on original illustrations and hand-assembled with love.
Maker: Joelle Felyce Geisler

Low Tech/No Tech Robotics
You can learn how robots work using everyday crafts materials and a few recycled parts! Find out how to build projects like a cardboard and duct tape hydraulic arm and a recycled Solar Wobblebot from Kathy Ceceri's book "Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future."
Maker: Kathy Ceceri

ModiBot is a creative build system that lets users create their own characters and creatures. It is made up of both traditionally-molded and 3d printed parts.This exhibit features kits for sale and free hands-on coloring and play demos.
Maker: Wayne Losey

Music Technologies
Arvid Tomayko-Peters ( and Steve Schwartz design and build hardware and software for use by musicians, sound engineers, and recording engineers. Some is designed for creating new sounds and music, and some for capturing sounds and music. "Your Heaven ®" is our company, located in Providence.
Maker: Arvid Tomayko-Peters and Steve Schwartz

nick the artist
3d-printed movie props and video game props
Maker: nick iacobbo

Open Spectrum Analyzer
Open Source Arduino-based audio spectrum analyzer and music visualizer.
Maker: Joshua Holt

OpenSprinkler is an open-source, Internet-based sprinkler / irrigation timer. It works with standard 24VAC sprinkler / irrigation valves. Featuring web-based interface, cross-platform mobile app, expandable number of zones, built-in LCD, RTC and USB. We offer both a microcontroller-based version and RPi-based version.
Maker: Ray Wang

Public Laboratory
Public Lab is a non-profit community focused on developing inexpensive, DIY tools and techniques for investigating environmental concerns. We'll be demonstrating some of our open source hardware tools for near infrared vegetation photography (, DIY spectroscopy (, and balloon and kite mapping ( We'll be sharing our table with Pioneer Valley Open Science (, an Amherst, MA group focused on developing open source hardware for scientific research. (
Maker: Don Blair

Recycled Glass Art
Recycled Bottles made into purposeful uses.
Maker: GlassCraft

RepRap 3D Printer
I'm a Johnson & Wales University student with a homemade RepRap MendelMax 3D Printer. It also uses a Raspberry Pi to enable "wireless" printing from a computer to the printer.
Maker: Hai Pham

SCIL Project Showcase
South Coast Innovator Labs: Massachusetts' South Coast Makerspace presents a selection of member projects, hands on activities and information about the group. Projects include microcontroller and mechatronics projects. The hands on activity will be assembly of catapult kits designed and fabricated by members.
Maker: South Coast Innovator Labs

Self Portrait as Kali
"Self Portrait as Kali" is a sculpture created using 3D scans of both a skull and the artist. The skull scans were then 3D printed to form a necklace and a belt. Multiple self scans were merged to create a 3D model with two sets of arms that was then sliced and CNC routed and used as a stand for the necklace and belt.
Maker: Anna Kaziunas France

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
I'm an artist-engineer who "reinvents" old pinball machines- keeping the old tech, piggy-backing on "new tech" in an organic way- mirroring my own personal evolution- and use my own graphic designs on all parts of the machine. This project is an homage to 1970's era Bruce Springsteen, complete with a simulated turntable and jukebox feature.
Maker: David M Gaskill, PE

The J. Haley Arts Institute
We conceptualize inventions of the future, documented within pieces of art. A slightly factitious art project, and one man endeavor, the artist seems to believe that his board of directors is from the future. For the purposes of the Mini Maker Faire, the Institute wishes to present and discuss the invention's possibilities and mechanics, and give you the opportunity to take a piece of the future home.
Maker: J. Haley

The Self Balancing People Mover
The Goal of The Self- Balancing People Mover is to have enhanced safety features to keep the rider safe at all times. The People Mover has the potential to be how the disabled and elderly population get around there community safely, when they are no longer able to walk more than 20 feet or drive.
Maker: Adrian Niles

TRACIMOC, It's Comic Art Backwards
TRACIMOC takes homeless comic books and transforms them into a unique useable and wearable art. All the art is created from the original comic print, which allows each piece to be completely unique. Tracimoc supports the recycling of these previously "worthless" comics and strives to use green materials to transform them into something new. Pieces include wallets, wall letters, canvas collage, rings, necklaces, clothing, earrings, pins, bracelets, cufflinks, photo frames, purses, musical instruments and more! Tracimoc will provide a DIY station where attendees can take comic books and create their own Pin Key Chain or Zipper Pull.
Maker: Liz Lirakis

Trebuchets and Frankenbikes
Check out the teen-built Zuke Voyage trebuchet, and a frankenbike or two for good measure!
Maker: Jeff Del Papa

Vintage Robot
Vintage Robot, is a New York based operation that makes Robot apparel. Our t-shirts are hand pressed using American Apparel blanks (made in downtown Los Angeles) and our Robot inspired accessories are made from recycled computers, watches, cell phones, and other mechanical machines.
Maker: Chris Iannelli

Zoa Chimerum
I make Jewelry from materials normally used in electrical work. I use simple processes to produce surprisingly delicate shapes. It's nothing high-tech, but it's interesting and beautiful. I'm interested in showing some of this work and offering it for sale at the event.
Maker: Ian Henderson