The Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire Needs Your Help

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The RI Mini Maker Faire has always depended on the support of Kickstarter backers. We’ve been fortunate in prior years to have obtained support from sponsors as well, but this year has been our most challenging.
Just as we keep our ticket prices low, we keep our Kickstarter goal low. We’ve usually hovered around $2,000 for our overall goal. This year, our need is greater due to our challenges in securing sponsors, and we’ve set our goal at $3,000.
We’re currently just over $1500 in pledges (half-way there!). If fifteen people stepped up to back us at the $100 level, we’d make it. If we don’t make our goal by August 10, we won’t even get that $1500.
We’ve also got some really cool backer awards… and they include one or more tickets to the Faire. In addition to the 3d-printed multicolor commemorative tickets, we also have 3d-printed sponsor badges and new wooden badges carved on a CNC router. Please support us today.

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